Monday, March 15, 2010

The Sister From Below reviewed in the NAAP News

Lynn Somerstein, reviewed The Sister From Below in the Winter 2010 Issue of the NAAP News.

Lynn Somerstein writes, “I read voraciously; sometimes finding sisters, brothers, lovers, parents, selves inside the pages of books. My deepest of all of these leaped and raced with me in The Sister From Below….

"Chapter seven- Old Mother India blowing minds away, wearing a sapphire blue sari. Lowinsky writes,


Old mother

Which one of us swallowed the other?

“And I feel again birthing the baby who became my son and not knowing if I was birthing or borning, if I was I or if I was my mother, and this is the territory, the “terrorstory” the muse stalks, the birthing ground, where your cells snort and breathe….”

And Chapter 9, titled ‘Helena is a root vegetable.’ A Pan-like creature visits, says, Everything is alive. Even the stone you sit on. Even the dead leaves. Even the dead are alive in me. There is no death. Climb on my back. I will carry you. I am the secret of what green does in the darkness, of what rain does, and the wind.

Lowinsky is a Jungian feminist writer artist analyst. Fearless and incandescent; this is her ground- and ours. Come visit.”

Visit indeed!

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