Monday, August 9, 2010

Recent Publications

Naomi is pleased that two of her environmental poems, "Patiann Rogers Comes to Mind During an Oil Spill" and "Lailah Wants a Word" were accepted for publication by Poets for the Living Waters. (Check it out. It's a great site.)

She also had poems recently accepted by three print journals:
* Verdad (forthcoming) took "Bereft in Early Spring"
* Darkling (forthcoming) took "I Will Die and Go To My Mother"
* Ellipsis (#46) published her poem "To the Harvest God," reprinted below:


Look at me Lugh, before you sling
that bag of my life
over your shoulder

and walk down that hill.
Have you followed
my red thread? Remember me?

wild horse girl—in flight
from that cranky kitchen?

Stay awhile, Lugh
in summer’s last tilt
I want more time

to eat apricots
breathe deeply, while the children
of my children play circle games
under the fruit trees…

Before I give back
this belly, these hungry
hands, god of the darkening

help me gather
my stone

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