Friday, May 17, 2024

The Sister from Below

is delighted to announce the publication of

Your Face in the Fire

Launch Date: June 1, 2024

Help this book become a best seller!! 
Order your copy from Amazon on June 1 

Here is the first poem in the book: (Images added)

Sun Goddess, Jonny Ujiokubas

Fire is Your Name and Your Maker

Fire is your god’s
eye gleam     the tiger that prowls your dreams 
Fire is your sun     and your rising

Tiger, Franz Marc

You had to tamp your fire
down hard     back in the day of pointy bras
and girdles     when a spark in the back of a Chevy

could knock you up     Remember
when a fiery tongue could get you
                                                    burnt alive?

Fire in the hearth     now that’s
a woman’s business     embers
from Mother’s fire     offerings 

Peasant Woman by the Fire, 
Vincent van Gogh, Thomas Nugent

from the tree     kitchen fire
bedroom fire     birth fire fire
from the core of the earth     When cauldron boils

there is no fire that can’t escape     no fire
that will not leap and sass     change shape
be burning snake in summer grasses

The Tiger Lucky Eight, Thomas Nugent

hot breasted home wrecker
funeral pyre         I ask you
how do you keep from burning

Open Fire in Hearth, 
Black Horse Inn, West Sussex

your love to ashes?
l tell you how
Take a twig from the tree     Whittle a sharp tip

Mix Mother’s fire with yours     Burn
Make ash marks
on white paper     Write yourself down

your leap and your sass     your hot breasted
double edged axe     the tiger that prowls your dreams
                                                            your sun and your rising

(Poem first published in Ginosko )

Sehkmet Goddess of the Sun  
Robbie Bailey

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